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Free Your Customers To Speak Whenever They Want

SPEEQO uses AI-driven speech analysis software to recognise the true message and emotion in your customers' voices when interacting with you.

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SPEEQO is the speech analysis and emotion recognition technology for customer contact channels that optimises communication and tailors responses for greater efficiency, happier customers and deeper customer insights.

With SPEEQO's speech analysis, natural language processing and emotion recognition capabilities, you can quickly get qualitative insights into your customers' needs and sentiments accurately. The survival of a business depends on whether it can fulfil the customer's needs.

How it works

Lending a listening ear when you need it.

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Speech is one of the most important indicators of mental health. SPEEQO listens to multiple audio inputs of spontaneous speech and reading assignments to identify patterns.

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SPEEQO will catalogue changes in speech patterns that may be a sign of underlying mental health issues(ex.- monotone speech, absolutist words, negative words, long pauses, too many first-person pronouns)

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Using advanced speech analysis and voice-based machine learning, SPEEQO assigns a personalised mood score and preselects potentially at-risk students, providing in-depth insights alongside manual screening
and assessment tools already present in schools.

How it works

Address the main painpoints facing customer support.

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Prioritise those requiring urgent attention, based on the nature of the message, level of urgency and satisfaction level.


Turn the important details of the inquiry and the emotion behind it into an emphatic and personalised response.

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We address the increasing number of customer interactions by rerouting them to the most efficient channel.

Shift to Voice

71% of customers prefer voice queries over typing.

Easy to integrate.

New customer contact channel.

Prioritisation and filtering of requests.

Provides deep customer insights.
Rising costs of customer support.

High churn rate after a single bad experience.

Rising number of customer interactions.

Aversion to phone calls and uptake of voicemessages.

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