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SPEEQO has the ability to positively impact and work with a variety of sectors and verticals. Through speech analysis, SPEEQO can unlock a new world of insights whether it is being used by business sectors to identify the needs of employees and customers, or by individuals on their own wellness journey. We have created an API to meet the diverse needs of all.

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SPEEQO’s advanced technology allows you to pick and choose from a broad range of machine learning models and other functionalities.

Everywhere we go, speech surrounds us, and by using it the right way, we can make a positive difference by preventing mental health problems before they happen. With an API for emotion recognition, it’s made possible.

SPEEQO harnesses the power of speech analysis technology for emotional recognition and the detection of potential underlying mental health issues in individuals.

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Prioritise Employee Wellbeing

Successful companies know that employees are essential factors in any organisation's success. SPEEQO technology assists companies in prioritising employee wellbeing as our technology is used to identify and flag emotional distress levels, safeguarding employee mental wellbeing by facilitating timely intervention and support.

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Document Your Journey To Wellness

While mental health is difficult to measure, our mental health app can help you keep track of your journey and road to recovery.

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Realise Optimum Health And Fitness

Our emotion recognition platform will give you helpful insights that allow you to reset and achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Bolster Up Security

By keeping track of emotional changes, our API for emotion detection can be used to detect potential fraud, making it ideal for use in banks.

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Enhance The Quality Of Your Content

Create better quality content by utilising speech analysis technology to test the emotional reactions triggered by your creative works.

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Other Use Cases

Do you have a business that could utilise our technology? We are happy to talk and develop collaborations in new areas. Contact us.

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