Listen. Optimise.
Engage. Unlock Voice AI.

Listen. Optimise.
Engage. Unlock Voice AI.

SPEEQO harnesses Voice AI to transform user feedback into actionable insights, enhancing user retention and providing a profound understanding of user experiences and emotions.


SPEEQO's Voice AI captures more than just words; we tap into underlying emotions and tones. By understanding your audience's true sentiments, we drive retention and engagement across sectors. Invest in insights that not only save costs but also amplify revenue potential.

SPEEQO's Voice AI: Capturing emotions beyond words.


Maximise user retention with advanced Voice AI:

  • GDPR-Compliant Analysis: Secure, insightful player data.
  • Dynamic ML Adaptation: Real-time speech tracking.
  • Emotion Decoding: Boost player engagement.
  • Blockchain Transparency: Trustworthy data integrity.
  • Retention Mastery: Maximise player loyalty.





SPEEQO's Artificial Intelligence: Amplifying Emotions, Driving Engagement

Here at SPEEQO, we recognise that speech transcends mere words. It's the tone that truly resonates, evoking emotions and reactions. Harnessing this universal language, we prioritise machine comprehension of tone, bridging deeper connections and understanding.

SPEEQO Technology goes beyond words, capturing the essence of tone. Leveraging these insights, we champion wellbeing and provide real-time feedback, enhancing the connected SPEEQO community experience.

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