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Powering A Mental Health-Conscious Generation, Driven By AI

Everywhere we go, speech surrounds us, and by using it the right way, we can make a positive difference by preventing mental health problems before they happen. With API for emotion recognition, it’s made possible.


SPEEQO harnesses the power of speech analysis technology for emotional recognition and the detection of potential underlying mental health issues in individuals.

Elevate Your Delivery In Education

Track your students’ level of understanding and detect the signs of mental health issues, allowing you to take measures to mitigate them for the betterment of their mental wellbeing.

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Document Your Journey To Wellness

While mental health is not easily measurable, our API can help you keep track of your journey, progress and roadway to recovery.

Realize Optimum Health And Fitness

Our emotion recognition API will give you helpful insights that allow you to reset and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Bolster Up Security

By keeping track of emotional changes, our API for emotion detection can be used to detect potential fraud, making it ideal for use in banks.

Revolutionize Your Workforce

From detecting employee burnouts and distress to seeing if job candidates are the right fit, speech analysis technology can streamline HR processes, optimize productivity and improve awareness and safety in work environments and industrial facilities.

Capture The True Voice Of Your Customer

Get advanced insights on customer satisfaction and discover the true needs of your customer during market surveys with speech analysis technology.

Enhance The Quality Of Your Content

Create better quality content by utilizing speech analysis technology to test the emotional reactions triggered by your creative works.


Here at SPEEQO, we have one mission - helping the next generation take care of their mental health. Evidence points to long-term benefits stemming from successful prevention, making it an integral part of our vision. From increased social and economic prosperity to an overall reduced risk of mental health disorders, we aim to brighten the future of our children with our technology.

Speech as one of the most natural ways of communication among human beings is often neglected unintentionally. Analysing emotional state from their speech, we can help to identify when they’re subconsciously asking for attention and guidance.

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