Listen. Analyse.
Act. Prevent.

Listen. Analyse.
Act. Prevent.

SPEEQO is a voice-based machine learning software, which performs speech analysis of an emotional state, flags distress levels, as well as provides advanced speech and audio signal analytics, and valuable emotional insights.


Spoken language is the main form of communication across both physical and digital worlds. Our technology is able to understand words, underlying tones and emotions. This enables us to deliver value across various growing verticals and markets.

SPEEQO harnesses the power of speech analysis technology for emotion recognition.


Pick and choose proprietary ML models and other funcionalities:

  • Extraction of 70+ high-level, mid-level and low-level speech features.
  • Detection of temporal changes in speech. Proprietary supervised and unsupervised machine learning models.
  • Word choice analysis and emotion classification from text.
  • Flexible response to toxic behaviour.
  • Optional blockchain integration to provide you with unprecedented transparency.






Empowering Our Community Through Speech Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.

Here at SPEEQO, we believe in the power of speech, not just spoken words but also the tone in which those words are spoken. People may listen to your words, but they react to your tone. The language of the tones is the oldest and most universal of all our means of communication, which is why we have placed a strong emphasis on the machine understanding the tone in which one speaks.

SPEEQO Technology not only analyses spoken words, we also analyse how those words are spoken. With these actionable insights we aim to monitor wellbeing and provide real-time insights to assist all those in the SPEEQO community.

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